Chiropractic Testimonials

"Very cheerful, welcoming atmosphere and staff, including the doctor! Reasonable, concerned, and desiring to help. Very satisfied and will be back!"

- Richard B.

"Dr. Is very thorough and kind. He truly loves his job and caring for you."

- Jo C.

"Dr. Jim is FANTASTIC! He explains everything that is going on with your spine in great detail. He is definitely someone you want to see if you’re in pain."

- Abbot A.

"Thank you Dr. Jim for handling my case, I highly appreciated your prompt follow-up of my condition despite your busy schedule and during your weekend. Wish you all the best."

- Salah F.

"I’m recommending you to everyone!! You’re the best Dr. Jim!"

- Kelly K.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Jim for a while, when the pandemic hit our shores I decided since I was feeling pretty good about my flexibility and having no pain in my back, hip, or neck which were my problem areas and I no longer needed pain killers for any pain, since I had been on Dr. Jim’s Maintenance program and I was all fixed up, I decided to stop going to Dr. Jim for my maintenance sessions (My Big Mistake).

One month ago I was just doing some daily regular activity and I pulled something ( 7 months after my last session with Dr. Jim), I started taking anti-inflammatory and pain medicine thinking I will just be fine, then a week ago I went to a friends house and we had smores by a fire, the house had a long steep stone set of steps to go up and down, when I got back after the weekend trip I was in pain, last Friday, I took a day off work as I could not sit in a chair for more than a few minutes, I am a computer programmer working from home, so it was devastating, after suffering the weekend I called Dr. Jim, he said I could come in after his last patient. As I had hoped I was from a frequent 8 on the pain scale from 0 to 10, to an occasional 3, such a relief, I saw Dr. Jim today and told him I was so foolish to stop my maintenance program and I signed up. I feel so relieved that I am back with Dr. Jim, I saw other professionals with back injuries before Dr. Jim, the last one told me my back might last for 20 years and then he will see me, he said I could not go on a maintenance plan as my back was so badly damaged, I am now 30 years from that time and wins the situation will always seek Dr. Jim’s advice, he explains his treatment what and why and is always genuinely happy when he sees your flexibility improve. He is not only incredibly professional but is also a really great guy you can talk to.

I wrote this review today because I was in hell this last Saturday and Sunday ( Nov 7/8 2020) and now I am almost back to normal Now 12, 2020, I will still need some treatments, but I will be so happy when I am back to Maintenance mode. Dr. Jim is a miracle worker in my book and I am glad to be back."

- Steven H.

"I have always enjoyed my experiences with Dr. Jim and his staff. Feels like catching up with old friends while maintaining a healthy spine. Recently my son,10, suffered his first-ever migraine and Dr. Jim was able to get him in the next day. He handled him with great care and I trust his opinion overall and would recommend him to everyone."

- Courtney B.

"I appreciate the time that Dr. Jim Pollard took to explain everything in detail on what everything means and how it can affect my everyday life. This information won’t just help me with my visitation times, but knowledge about my body that will last me a lifetime. You don’t get much expertise experiences nowadays and it put my mind at ease knowing that he was willing to take the time to not only learn about me but to help better my health as well. Thank you very much!"

-Jake B.

"Dr. Jim is the best chiropractor. I’ve been to many before and he is the first to actually know what he is doing and talks everything over with you. Thank You Dr. Jim for helping me!"

- Patience T.

"Dr. Jim was quite willing to answer any and all questions, but he had explained everything so well, I didn’t have any!"

- Melissa G.

"Thank you for listening and being so attentive to my needs! Great to not feel 'herded' through the office as 'just another patient' and the issues addressed with care."

- Jacque D.

"I am committed to being in the care of Dr. Jim Pollard long-term along with follow-ups for my continued best health possible. I am excited about my life’s possibilities in all aspects of a balanced and active future."

- Carol Ann P.


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