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Whether you’ve just been in an accident in Round Rock or think that your health problems started from an accident you had years back, the staff at Health Recovery of Texas is here for you. There are different types of collisions and injuries that can occur, including at your place of work, in a motor vehicle, or a slip and fall in public. A car accident can involve only you or another party. No matter what the cause of your problems is, we can help you recover your health.

Car Accidents in Round Rock

When you are impacted by another car or run into something with your vehicle, the force of the impact travels into your body. There are many physiological reactions in the joints, nerves, and discs. Your body, in response, wants to protect everything by freezing up.

The lockdown, however, does not end afterward, and your body doesn’t know how to release that tension. As a result, certain parts of your body will overcompensate for ones that aren’t working. These imbalances lead to overuse injuries.

Studies show that 30-50% of people involved in an accident that don’t see a chiropractor will experience trouble up to 10 years down the road. Even a low-impact trauma risks your current and future health. Though you may feel okay after your accident, you should be thoroughly examined to make sure you don’t have challenges in the coming years. Read more about the importance of seeing a chiropractor after an accident.

Why Waiting Isn’t a Good Idea

We do not recommend you put off getting treatment if you’ve been involved in a car accident. There are two reasons for this: the first is that the longer you wait, the more difficult your recovery may be. Secondly, if a third party is responsible, the bigger the time gap between your injury and treatment times, the more they will question the validity of your injury. Timely care is vital!

Reducing Your Out-of-Pocket Expenses

With our personal injury/auto accident Round Rock cases, there is typically no cost to you. If you are the only party involved in a car accident, we can bill your personal injury protection coverage on your auto insurance. If you have been in an accident and the other party is at fault, their auto insurance will be billed.

If you have an attorney, they will give us a letter of protection that states we collect no money until you’re better and your case is settled. If you do not have an attorney, Dr. Jim has worked with many in our area and can recommend one to you.

Your Recovery Time

Your age, current health, severity of the trauma, and pre-existing conditions will all need to be considered when thinking about the time you’ll need to recovery. With a severe or moderate impact, you will usually be under care for 8-10 weeks. If you had a less serious impact, you might need to see us for as little as 3-4 weeks. We’ll take all variables into account when we let you know what we think you can expect.

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