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The federal government and the state require commercial drivers in Round Rock to demonstrate their physical fitness to drive large vehicles such as trucks or buses. That’s because large vehicles can be damaging. If you’re involved in an accident, you need to prove competence in managing a large vehicle in Round Rock.

Dr. Jim is a Federal Motor Carrier State Safety Association (FMCSA)-certified Department of Transportation (DOT) Medical Examiner. You can enjoy the convenience of having your CDL medical exam done here at Health Recovery of Texas.

How Often Do I Need an Exam in Round Rock?

In most situations, it is required that you get a physical exam every one to two years. Please check the Texas Department of Public Safety website for the applicable rules for your unique situation.

There are a few default driving types that require annual physicals regardless of how healthy you are.

  • School bus drivers as they transport precious cargo
  • Drivers who haul hazardous materials like gases, chemicals, or toxic waste

Submission of Certification

When we perform the physical, we provide a certificate to the driver and then we submit that physical to the Texas DPS and the FMCSA. Those records are kept in a database, so they know those drivers have had their physical and are up to date on their ability to drive.

On-Site Physicals

As a convenient service for companies employing commercial drivers, we do on-site physicals for groups of 12 or more drivers.

Same-day appointments for individual drivers are available.

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